MeasureAbility is a comprehensive array of diagnostic tools. Each provides objective and integrated 360° feedback across the spectrum of sales & customer service functions and from its constituencies: Sales Management, Corporate Management, Salesforce, and Customers.

Measurement - Assessment


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This instrument evaluates interacting sales manager skills or performance areas. It is a three-dimensional tool in which the sales manager, his or her boss, and salespeople independently and confidentially evaluate the sales manager's performance in 120 skill areas. Each of these skill areas is evaluated in terms of the frequency with which it is used.

SLP operates as a three-dimensional assessment for first-line sales managers. It is focused on sales leadership skills, and covers 40 sub-skills in four categories (10 each): VISION, DECISION-MAKING, PERSONAL ABILITIES and INFLUENCE.

SCAN 2 focuses on the salesperson. SCAN 2 evaluates 80 different skill areas covering customer relations, selling skills, follow-up, and so on. SCAN 2 is also a three-dimensional evaluation; the three inputs are the salesperson, the sales manager, and five customers selected by management to provide a confidential evaluation.

START is a needs analysis for sales managers and can be implemented very quickly in the field. A sample is selected of the total sales population to be trained (on a percentage basis). These managers complete an anonymous, confidential questionnaire. The sales manager rates 100 skills in 10 categories and ranks them in terms of priority for training. Simultaneously, the skills are ranked in terms of their importance in job performance. The scores are analyzed, providing management with an integrated report indicating strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for training.

QUALITY is a customer survey that assesses overall corporate quality. It provides feedback on customer perceptions of the company's efforts in terms of service, delivery, product quality, salesforce responsiveness and attitude. Feedback is presented in a report of recommendations.

CAP is designed to measure Field Coaching Effectiveness for first-line sales managers. It is a two-dimensional diagnostic instrument providing input from the sales manager's salespeople, as well as his or her own self-perceptions. CAP provides an in-depth evaluation of 30 sales coaching behaviors

PULSE is an attitude survey of the salesforce and/or related support groups such as customer service, sales management, etc. It covers a variety of questions relating to compensation, morale, how the salespeople perceive their organization, new products, quality of management, etc. PULSE provides top management with objective feedback so they can make changes or upgrades, keep the sales organization in tune and motivated, and make strategic marketplace moves.


SLP (Sales Leadership Profile)




CAP (Coaching Activity Profile)




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