1. Weight Watchers Corporate Solutions, undergoing a transition from service to sales culture, supported by extensive sales training and sales manager development (variety of workshops), achieved an increase of 35% in revenue six months after completion of training.

  1. HFC Financial conducted a pilot with a hundred salespeople and sales managers before training their entire salesforce. Employing the SalesAbility and Sales Coaching courses in tandem, they trained sales teams and achieved a 10.4% sales increase over their non-trained sales reps.

  1. Deluxe Financial sales managers, who completed the Field Coaching workshop, had a 21% overall gain in 30 coaching skills, employing the Coaching Activity Profile measurement tool, as assessed by their own salespeople.

  1. Success with Value-Added Negotiating resulted in an 8% increase in sales closed within profit margins for Eyeblaster, selling digital advertising services.

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