There are several reasons you might want to join our team:

  1. Getting familiar and Working with the material of Porter Henry & Co - 3 year consecutive honoree by Training

  1. Participating in projects with leading corporations , gaining access to many business sectors and constantly updating knowledge

  1. Gaining expertise in Sales & Customer Service Consulting as well as in the Commercial Skills in general.

  1. We love our job and everybody feels that in the team. You live in a highly supportive work environment where everybody enjoys professional fulfillment and interpersonal harmony.

  1. We recognize that growth opportunities are important and we offer them when our team members prove their potential to become top performers. We offer to our team members Coaching and Development opportunities. We are advocates of Feedback.

  1. No day looks similar to the previous one at Secret Key. We need capable people that can handle successfully a variety of tough assignments using both their dexterity as well as their creativity.

  1. Positive Thinking is powerful for us & we believe that Positive Energy transforms minds and lives.



Exclusive Regional Partners:

Greece, Balkans, Cyprus & Turkey.

Current Positions Available

If you are interested to apply for any of our open positions please submit your resume to the following e-mail address :



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